A successful Rhode Island family lawyer is passionate and aggressive.

Meet the passionate and aggressive Family Lawyer that you want on YOUR side, Brenda L. Fortune

RI Divorce Lawyer Brenda L. Fortune is here to help you through this difficult time in your life.

Marital and family law issues require additional care and consideration due to the emotional aspects involved in the break-up of marriages, child custody and the settlement of financial and property issues.

It is often difficult to see clearly when you are emotionally entwined in the break-up of a relationship especially if you have dependents to care for and are concerned about their future.

These are just some of the reasons why you need to work with Divorce Lawyer Brenda L. Fortune: an attorney whom is passionate towards the plight of her clients and is aggressive in the pursuit of her client’s rights, protecting your interests and constitutional rights.

Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer Brenda L. Fortune is well trained and educated in all aspects of Divorce and Family l law.

The following are just some of the questions that RI Divorce Lawyer Brenda L. Fortune will answer for you.:

  • Can my partner move away with our children?
  • How can I get the most alimony, child custody and child support?
  • How can I get a fair settlement in our divorce?
  • Who will pay the legal fees?
  • Do I need a restraining order?
  • What are the grounds for divorce?
  • How do I file divorce papers?
  • How is child custody determined?
  • How do I annul my marriage?
  • How does joint child custody work?
  • How do I change my child visitation rights?
  • Will our health insurance cover me after divorce?
  • How do we divide out retirement assets after divorce?
  • Do I have to move out of our home?

Call Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer Brenda L. Fortune...NOW!


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The following is a list of the most common Divorce and Family Law matters that the Fortune Law Office process on a regular basis:

Prenuptial Agreement Divorce
Paternity Issues/Fraud Child Custody
Child Support Alimony
Visitation Domestic Partnerships
Spousal Abuse Legitimacy
Adoption Surrogacy
Child Abuse Child Abduction
Property Settlements Parental Responsibility Orders
Attorney/legal fees  
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RI Divorce Lawyer
Ri Divorce Lawyer
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For Criminal Defense Services:

Contact Brenda Fortune for Family and divorce law services in South County, Rhode Island

  • Probation/bail hearings
  • Larceny/Robbery and Burglary

and much, much more...

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